About Tholos...

Ever wondered where our name came from?

The 'Tholos' is a small, circular building at the sacred sanctuary site of Delphi in Greece. It was created around 360-380 BC, and had 20 Doric columns on its exterior, with interior columns of the Corinthian order. It rests on the slopes of Mount Parnassus.

Greek mythology holds that Zeus decided to find the centre of the earth, and in order to do so he had two eagles released at either end of the ancient Greek world. When the eagles met in the centre they crashed to earth locked together. There they were buried, with their two-headed image marking their single tomb - the image of a double-headed eagle later coming to symbolise world power and strength.

The place where they fell was, of course, Delphi.

It was here that people from all over Greece came to ask questions of the Oracle. A priestess, called Pythia, gave answers based on hearing the voice of the god Apollo in the murmuring of a sacred brook.

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